Tuesday, April 15, 2014

{Sorry folks, that's the best title I could come up with.} 

This is a hard post to write. I thought it was going to be one of those posts just talking about how we had this test done that we have been waiting months and months for. Joyful. Hopeful. I am still both of those things. But there's more.... So much more. I'm thankful... In all things just plain thankful. I'm broken but I see now, more than ever, His sweet hand of protection all over our sweet Aubrey Claire. 

Our day started out a mess and I'll skip forward through all of that. Today was the day. We've been (im)patiently waiting for months to have these two tests run. We were finally going to take the next step. Looking back now, I realize everything was all wrong. She had to be stuck 3 times before they finally got an IV in her. 

It was painful to watch. In the end, it took four people including my mom to surround her bed and get the iv in. 

They asked us the normal questions they always ask and we went through all the steps. They started giving her the medicines to sedate her. 

For some reason, it just stuck out to me when they told us the issues that could happen when being sedated. Normally it doesn't. At the time, I just thought I was nervous because she's so tiny. 

We went into the room where the machines are (I couldn't have my phone for that) and they started giving her the "HARD STUFF" she fought the sedation. She fought it hard. Then she started making these hiccup-y noises. They kept asking me if THIS was the noise that she makes (she has this noise she makes when she breathes that we have been concerned about since she was born, we have never been able to get anyone to take us seriously.) that I was talking about. This sound was different. They told me I could go and wait.... We had a while since the test was minimum an hour long. Just as I was going to walk out, I saw some of stats drop.

I had a weird feeling. I couldn't place it. A numbness almost. It was weird. I walked back to the room where my mom was and we sat there talking, I told her about what happened when I walked out. She made a face and then the nurse walked in. 

I'm going to be honest here. Most of what happened from this point forward is a blur. We were told anesthesia was coming and they were going to intubate her because her breathing was irratic and she wasn't even under. I still remember walking back to where she was and seeing the tubes in her tiny, little nose. She hated them and even though she was somewhat under sedation, she was pulling them out.

The anesthesia person came. He called for back up. My mom knew the backup. From that point, Aubrey was taken back to the recovery room and Nana put her "nurse hat" on. I sat in the recovery room with Aubrey and the doctors all huddle together with my mom and had a serious discussion. I heard bits and pieces. "PICU" "Transfered to UAB" "ENT" 

Then they came to talk to me.They think she has Tracheomalacia and were concerned that if they were to intubate her, they wouldn't be able to get the tube back out. We are to go see an ENT. 

I remember the nurses and everyone telling me how sorry they were. How they knew we were fighting so hard to get this test. All I could think was how thankful I was. 

Things worked out how they we're suppose to. We needed THIS team of doctors. My Mom NEEDED to be there. This could have turned out so much worse than more waiting. 

I am thankful. 

Calls to three ENTs later... We have an appointment on Friday. 

I am thankful. 

"In oceans deep, my faith will stand. And I will call upon your name and keep my eyes above the waves. When oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace" This song is currently on repeat. 

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TRYING to dine out with Tucker

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Alternately titled: Eating with the kid who threw the pepper shaker in the fountain. 

Oh yes friends, you read that right. He threw. The. Pepper. Shaker. 

Before having kids, Tommy and I LOVED going out to eat. Now, he almost has anxiety about going. I wish I was joking. Sooooo my solution was to try to research it as much as I could. There's not a whole lot of information out there to help with this. I guess most people don't have this issue? 

Step one: I told him we HAD.TO get stricter with Tucker at home. "Home training" is a huge part to me. How is he suppose to know how to act when he's in public if he acts crazy at home. We've been working on it but in the past week or so I've let it slip again. I'm planning on restarting that routine tomorrow. 

Step two: we make sure we choose somewhere that either has quick service or offers appetizers. We chose Mexican today (thinking it would be both. We were wrong.) 

Step three: Tucker LOVES to wash his hands. That's one habit we are HAPPY to encourage. When it's time to get to the table, Tommy orders the drinks while I take Tucker to potty and wash his hands. Usually by the time we get out the drinks are there. 

In a perfect world, we would have eaten chips and salsa for just a few minutes and then our food would have come before he got bored. 

That didn't happen. 

Step four: Always have a backup plan! We keep a little notepad and pens or one of those $1 packets with stickers, crayons, and a coloring book from Target. We also have snacks, movies/apps on the cell phone, and his dinosaur. 

Today took MUCH longer than we thought it would. His dinosaur ate some chips, too. 

He watched "Jack-Jack attack" and we started playing a game with him based on that little short (we were looking to see if the baby was on the ceiling) 

All of this to say, we still had a few issues. They have a fountain that you can literally walk up to and step in if you wanted. Right in the middle of the restaurant. We weren't really prepared for that. Which is how he managed to get a pepper shaker and throw it in. We also had issues with him just plain getting frustrated and being ready to go to the "cah." He's the type that can't be taken out of his seat and put back in. 

I feel like he does great for a two year old but we still feel so.... Alone in it. Anyone else have this issue? Any tips? 

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On birthdays and being a Mama

Thursday, April 10, 2014

can't believe I turned 28 just a couple of days ago. No really, I can't. We've been so busy that I still thought my birthday was a week away at least! In fact.... I scheduled an oil swap/tutorial class with two of my sweet friends on my actual birthday. I had no clue that when they said "next Tuesday" it was my birthday. Sad but true. (Thanks for "giving me the night off" y'all!) 

We were even able to celebrate withy brother and his family this year since they're in the process of moving with the Army again. 

I keep thinking about all those funny little e-cards that you see all over the internet about never doing well.... ANYTHING alone anymore. This is SO true for me. I can't even think about my birthday now without associating it with my kids. 

A few short years ago, I was pregnant for the first time and the perfect storm (for me) happened. 

1. I was just about far enough along to find out the gender of the baby. 
2. I had an ultrasound scheduled ON my birthday. 

Meant to be, right? I'm not going to lie.... I desperately wanted a girl. I was sure I would find out we were having a girl: I mean we already had her name picked out (Emma Reese) and we had NO clue for a boy name. 

I went in for the ultrasound and they weren't able to tell us 100% one way or the other because of positioning but they THOUGHT it was a boy. A 51% chance. I was a little upset because I was SO SURE he was a girl. But the most amazing thing happened. I walked out and there were 3 mamas all with their sweet boys at different ages. Each one was REALLY loving on his mama. Not only was I not upset anymore but I was EXCITED to be having our sweet boy. Just like that. I'm so thankful God didn't give me what I wanted. 

So! To celebrate being a boy on mama's birthday.... Tucker Avery got to experience his first happy meal. (Fun Fact: His name came from Grey's Anatomy. Sad but true.) 

Uncle Court tried to steal his toy. 

I think he had a pretty good Mama's birthday. (Aubsie did too!) 

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A Very Merry Un-birthday! (Tucker's half birthday)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I still can't believe our sweet Tucker Avery is officially 2 1/2! We "celebrated" by going to Kindermusik and then having lunch with one of his little besties.... Emma Jane! We were lucky that she brought her crew with her for the rest of us ;). 

Seriously... BESTIES! 

This is going in the wedding slideshow haha

You are the silliest buddy. You love your kitchen but also love the real kitchen. You want to "EATTTTTT" all the time. 

You're 36 1/2 inches tall and weigh about 30 pounds. We had some issues with you randomly throwing up about a month ago. It was the strangest thing. But your doctor put you back on reflux medicine and you've been fine ever since! We're still working through your milk allergy but you don't seem to mind. 

You are still very much a Mama's boy. You love your whole family and walk around saying "I love ____" a lot. (Who it is depends on the day. :) 

"Aubsie" is your best buddy. You'll do just about anything to make her giggle. You hate when she cries. You're the best helper when we're doing her physical therapy. 

You're so mischievous that some times it gets overwhelming for me. I joke with people and tell them my "job" is to do enough activities with you so that you're tired by the end of the day. I spend most of the day running after you and picking up messes. But you're also the best helper. Recently you've started having conversations with me and your vocabulary is really getting so big! We're starting to have some issues with you listening but, we're going to work on that! You're pretty much potty trained but we're still working on your #2. 

We love you so much, Tucker Avery! Stop growing, please! 

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Dear Aubrey Claire-- 5 months old

Sweet baby, 

    Look! I'm getting better at posting! This month was pretty uneventful for us until your actual month birthday. 

We went to your physical therapy appointment, like we have been doing every week, on your month-birthday. This appointment was a little different because your actual physical therapist was there... And closed the door. She asked lots of questions about you and we ended the appointment worried with tons of questions. We still don't have the answers and that stresses me out but no matter what it is, we will do whatever it takes to give you the best life possible. 

You're doing great at holding your head up and the physical therapist found some other delays that we're working on now. You're still the happiest baby. Tucker has officially started calling you "Aubsie" and you love it when he wants to play. 

You've also gotten good at rolling from your tummy to your back. You giggle every time and it's just about the sweetest thing ever. We've also changed up your medicine again because you're still having some reflux problems. It seems to be helpful so far so we're hoping it will stay that way! You're not ready for solids but you like to watch when other people eat in front of you. We can't wait to see you grow in the next month! 

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All about Aubrey-- Medical Edition Part 6

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This post is going to be my attempt to get "everyone" caught up on what's going on with Aubrey. 

The next morning, we got up and went to the appointment with the physical therapist. I was so nervous. We were finally going to (hopefully) figure out what's going on. 

The basic diagnosis at that time was torticollis caused by hydrocephalus. (Hydrocephalus is extra fluid on the brain) Some kids have to have a shunt put in but, we were lucky enough that she didn't have enough swelling to warrant that. CELEBRATION! 


- monitor the size of her head

- weekly physical therapy appointments to strengthen her neck muscles. 

- follow up with the Neurologist in April. 

We were so happy to have a plan in place. We were ready to work hard with her but knew that, in the end, we would be able to overcome this. 

We even celebrated after Kindermusik that day. 

(It was Mardi Gras Season.... Only fitting we were celebrating our sweet baby with a king cake cake bite.) 

We've been to 4 appointments total with the physical therapist now. 

Yesterday was our 1 month check up with the actual physical therapist. (Up until this point we've been working at home and with aides/assistants at our appointments. They've continued to tell us her progress is great for her torticollis but we've been finding more and more "things" that she needs help working on. 

At one point, someone even mentioned getting an occupational therapist involved. But the appointment yesterday.... Well it took me by surprise. 

She asked a ton of questions. Some were repeats of the ones they asked at our first appointment. Some were new ones. She asked when our follow up with the neurologist was (beginning of April) and then said we needed to try to get it moved up. She mentioned low muscle tone but that was that. 

I get so frustrated by this. We are soooo worried and nervous and stressed. I realize they are trying to cover themselves by not letting on a diagnosis they're thinking but it also causes us some panic. 

Being real, our neurologist is a pain to get in touch with, a pain to get results from..... Just a pain. 

We left the appointment yesterday with a list of "to-dos" 

- Call the pediatrician to get her reflux medicine changed. 

- Call the neurologist and specifically state that we need an MRI and we need it quickly. 

We did both of those things today and now we're back to the waiting game with the neurologist. 

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My New Favorite Beauty Routine

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I've recently started using essential oils and have found a million uses for them. 

One of them is oil pulling. 

Apparently it's a new "thing" in the blogging world but it's centuries old. I'm not going to bore you with the stats on it... That's what google is for. ;) 

Here's what you need: 

The first time I tried to oil pull I just took the tablespoon of oil and put it in my mouth. For me, it was a bad move. I only got about 10 minutes in and just couldn't handle the texture.

Now I put the oil in a glass measuring cup and put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds. (Just long enough to start the melting process then I just stir it until it's all melted) 

Once I get to this point, I put my oils in. Then I just start "pulling" for 20 minutes. This is the recommended time but I know any amount of time would be helpful and I've had friends who had to work up to the 20 minutes. I'm an all or nothing kinda gal. 

I normally do it in the morning as I'm making breakfast. Tucker appreciates it and uses this time to get into mischief.... Mama can't get onto him. 

*naked chef cooking his own breakfast* 

Once the 20 minutes is over, I spit it out into the TRASH CAN, rinse my mouth with warm water, and brush as usual. 

It's important to spit into the trash because the oil can clog up your drains. No one wants that! 

Here's a before and after of my very first oil pull: 

I'm seriously shocked. It's also helped me with sinus issues, laryngitis, and general gum/mouth health. I'm trying to talk Tommy into doing it as well. He's got gum and tooth sensitivity so I can't wait to see what happens when he tries it. 

If you need any tips or just have questions about oils or oil pulling you can message me or email me. I love talking about this stuff! 

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